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How to Go From a 'Maybe' Employer to a 'Hire Me' Employer

How to Be a 'Hire Me' Employer

Be in no doubt, all you employers out there, you are in an extremely competitive candidate market. Your time is up if you think you are still in charge of deciding who to hire. We are back to the pre-recession days of offer rejects mounting up on your Hiring Managers desk, and projects, plans and targets will be delayed or missed if you don’t change your hiring attitude fast.

If you are an avid social media follower of all things 'recruitment' you must have seen SodaStream’s fancy new recruitment drive (see above) I love it! I haven’t seen anything as good as it in ages. Now THAT talent attraction video is what you all need to think about. SodaStream have the cash to splash on fancy ad campaigns, but you don’t need gazillions in your budget to afford a hard selling, fun and enticing video for your recruitment plans.

You and your hiring managers at all levels, and I include C level and Partners with this, need to be taught how to sell to candidates at interview, this is different from product or service selling. And any administrator involved in talent acquisition must ensure all positive communication is backed up with similar tones in any call, text or email sent. This is a team effort!

There are only so many excellent candidates to go around. And if you are working in a Tech company with too many candidates applying for jobs, you know full well that only 5% of those applicants may be worth interviewing. You also know your competitors are also hiring those same people and have the same candidates in their database. They could even be interviewing the same candidate on the same day as you. You will be compared. If you don’t have the full bells and whistles out, you will lose.

I know a company whose hiring manager was so assuming of how great his company was he asked his internal resourcer to stop sourcing candidates towards the end of a particular interview process, this ended badly. In a meeting with me to determine where they were going wrong he explained what had happened. He said, “I knew which two candidates I wanted to offer for those roles and I told my resourcer to stop sourcing, so I didn’t have to do any more interviews. But both candidates rejected my offer and went to a competitor.” Ouch! That thinking is just so 2010! I helpfully explained that his old recession year ways were not working anymore and that he had to think like a talent magnet, attracting talent and getting them to beg him to hire them by putting his and the company’s best foot forward so that candidates don’t even give a passing thought to the competition.

Fortunately, he did decide to change his approach and his company felt the effects swiftly. Within 6 weeks of implementing a different approach their acceptance rate skyrocketed from a dismal 60% to a much improved 89%, Not bad for a change in perspective and some Talent Optics know how!

What does best foot forward entail?

Top Tips to be a Talent Attraction Magnet

Here are my top tips to implement immediately!

  1. Get all your website pages, and social media, selling to and attracting candidates

  2. Get pro-active with your attraction campaigns so you are marketing way ahead of any hiring projects

  3. Get up to date with the talent trends – e.g. employer branding hiring videos are essential

  4. Get creative and stop with the empty value list on your boring recruitment page

  5. Make your job descriptions more attractive

  6. Give all your interviewers, and Talent Team, interview training and sales communication training to use with candidates

  7. Make sure your remuneration package is attractive, get creative if you haven't got the budget to beat your competitors

  8. Remember the love bombing doesn’t stop once the verbal offer is made, contracts need to back up the sales pitch and sent out fast. Hand holding must be handled with care

For more help with talent attraction strategy, contact me to see how I can help your company get to the top of its hiring game fast.

Contact me, Clare Reed, at Talent Optics or book in a call.

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